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About HiViz Asset Manager

Based at our Head Office in Lincolnshire, the HiViz Asset Manager team have extensive practical knowledge, expertise and experience in industry, commerce, retail and education. Coming from a practical background we have worked extensively in a wide range of organisations in the UK and Europe developing lasting solutions for employers.

Part of our success is our ability to effectively respond quickly to the needs of others. The HiViz Asset Manager was created in response to those needs giving users a straight-forward and easy to use programme that effectively checks, captures and securely stores details of individual assets.

Together with our IT team, we have a philosophy that the programme has to be easy to use, quick, practical and effective with you and your business in mind at every stage of its development.

HiViz Asset Manager fulfils those criteria for all your Asset Management needs.

This revolutionary online programme is flexible and affordable. Whether you’re an individual who needs single access or a large organisation needing several users across several sites, HiViz Asset Manager has been designed to accommodate the needs of any size of business.

With secure access to all your data, the use of hand held device technology and practical guidance throughout you can work at a pace that suits you.