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Why use the HiViz Asset Manager?

Installing and using the HiViz Asset Manager for your business will revolutionise the way you and your team maintain and monitor your assets. Here are just some of the positive ways it can impact your business.

Efficiency, productivity and profitability can all be maximized when assets are safe, working effectively and well maintained.
The feeling of control and full visability over monitoring and maintenance means it is easier to make informed decisions about your assets and how they are managed.
You will soon start to see where you can save money on repairs and maintenance.
The HiViz Asset Manager feeds into one main dashboard, which means you can stay in full control even if you are a multi-site business.
The HiViz Asset Manager leaves a full, detailed audit trail which can be presented in-house or to 3rd parties such as your insurance provider, senior management teams, and stake holders.
The system negates the need for large paper lists so is quick and easy to reference, update and edit.
The system brings accountability to those who are in charge of, or responsible for the upkeep of each asset.
Communication of asset maintenance and repair needs is quick, easy and auditable using the inbuilt email system, so assets need not remain unusable or below standard for long periods of time.
Taking visible action to improve the safety of the workplace is known to have a positive effect on employees, playing a vital role in creating a happy, efficient and effective working environment.